Sunday, December 14, 2014

Elfie Escapades 2014 - Part 2

Hi friends...

Elfie has been in fine form since his return!  Following on from his welcome back antics, here is what's been happening here over the last week or so.....

DAY 5:

No fly  day.  It was the first day of School holidays for Alex - unfortunately he forgot himself.  He had an uncharacteristically bad day...  people we know (myself included) had gone out of their way to show him love and kindness, and to find some animal cards he'd been looking for to complete a collection.  Let's just say Alex was not very gracious :(  Elfie left him a note telling him this was very serious - we must always accept things with grace, whether that be love and kindness from those around us, or gifts.  He knew it would upset Santa deeply, so he stayed on his shelf.

DAY 6:

Spider elf... spider elf.... does what ever a spider elf does!  We woke to find Elfie had weaved a web on our lounge room wood art and turned himself into Spidey!  Alex love it... so did Yunie so we quickly took him down!! ;)

DAY 7:

Elfie just loves toilet paper, oh yes he does!  He's been at it again, at least this time he left the TVs alone, but the Christmas tree did not escape unscathed....

DAY 8:

Candy Cane hunt!  Elfie was on his shelf with a note - poor Alex thought we were going to have a repeat of Day 5 and was a bit sad.... until we read the note:  Dear Alex, there are 5 candy canes hidden in this room.  Can you find them all?  Love Elfie xxx.  It didn't take him long.... Alex probably found them all in about 2 minutes!  Clever little cookie :)

DAY 9:

Alex woke up and looked everywhere for Elfie, but he was nowhere to be found.....  Just when we'd given up and started to get our brekky, Daddy found him in the door of the fridge!  Looks like he was missing the North Pole - so he grabbed a little blanket and made himself all cozy in the cold, cold fridge with the condiments!

DAY 10:

Looks like Elfie wanted to have a try at being Santa!  Today we found him on top of our buffet, in a sleigh that was too small for him, with some reindeer all roped up and ready to go!  That's Alex's Rudolph at the front that he made at Kindy a few years ago, all ready to guide the sleigh for Elfie! Alex loved this one :)

DAY 11:

Oh dear....  It seems Elfie had a little accident this morning!  We found him upside down stuck in the window....  Looks like he might have had some help from another toy or Elf as he was covered head to toe in bandaids... but apparently they couldn't free him....  Poor Elfie!  We got him out of there and back on his shelf quick smart.

DAY 12:

Again we had trouble finding Elfie this morning!  We searched high and low and eventually found him camouflaged in the Christmas tree!!  He'd wrapped himself in Christmas paper and snuggled himself in!

DAY 13:

Elfie's up to old tricks AGAIN!!!  Not content to do this one only once, Elfie has pulled out this old chestnut.... he wrapped the toilet in Christmas paper again!  There he is sitting on the window sill waiting for us to discover his handy work!  Oh Elfie....

DAY 14:

And speaking of old tricks....  when we raised the blinds this morning we discovered my car was a little closer to the house (and a pole) than I would normally park it!!!  Which can only mean one thing.... Elfie's been joyriding in my car again - but this time he took friends!  At least they all had their seat belts on.... with the exception of Elfie who was slumped over the wheel!  Not a good look Elfie!  Alex couldn't believe he'd dared to do this again!!!!

Bye for now :)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Elfie Rides Again! Elfie Escapades 2014 - Part 1

DAY 1:

Well as promised, on the 1st December our little mate returned - hooray!!  We didn't give Alex any warning - so when he wandered out and found Elfie on the bench, sporting his now trademark breakfast spread, he was very excited!

DAY 2:

While yesterday was a lovely welcome back, it has not taken Elfie very long to get up to mischief again!  Today we found Elfie having a little popcorn fest in the microwave....  Alex thought this was most hilarious (and even helped him eat a little bit of it!)

DAY 3:

Do you want to build a snowman?  It seems Elfie was in a bit of a Frozen mood and decided, with the help of a little Olaf, to turn himself into a snowman!  Alex thought it was very clever of Elfie (and very funny that, only 3 days in, he's already made 3 messes for Mummy to clean up!)

DAY 4:

A kind gesture.... gone a little awry!  Elfie used his time, waiting for us all to wake up, constructively today and packed Alex's school lunch...  Only the content was not really what Alex was used to.....  In his lunchbox today Alex found amareno cherries, baby peeled prawns, a lollipop, sultanas & apricots, sushi ginger, artichoke hearts in olive oil, dried porcini mushrooms, and anchovies!

Stay tuned for more Elfie fun as December progresses!!  Bye for now :)