Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Elfie Escapades 2013 - Finishing up!

Well hi there!

It's been a while, hasn't it!  Almost a year since I touched this blog - I know, the shame.  I want to be a regular blogger - but I just can't seem to do it....  It represents my life - haphazard, disorganised and unpredictable (probably true for a lot of us, especially with young kids and full time jobs).

Anyway, we're nearing the festive season again (where did that year go - who took it?  I want it back....) and I thought I should do a quick blog post to round up the rest of the mischief Elfie got up to last year, so I can hopefully work up some momentum to get me blogging into this year's festive season (and maybe about some of the awesome things that happened with us this year - wow, 2014 has been very exciting!) 

So I have it on good authority Elfie WILL be returning this year (Alex is a good kid - but he just needs that bit of extra incentive to get himself on the good list and stay there!) - so let's finish up the mischief he got up to in 2013....  I don't have all the photos (we were in Melbourne and there were a lot of us staying - Elfie events happened late at night, we were full of festive cheer... sometimes the camera didn't make it in time - what can I say?!)  And the days are muddled - but better late (and disorganised) than never!

I think we left you where Elfie drove my car - soooooo naughty!!!!  So after that...

He hung out with the other toys on Alex's bed while Alex was having a sleepover:

He made a little seat out of the teabags holder in the kitchen:

He rubbed his bottom on Mimi's computer:

He rode Alex's toy Harley:

He hung around with the Koala twins:

He set up a little one man band:

He took a nap in Alex's bed:

He made his mark with toothpaste on the bathroom mirror:

He taught the other toys some valuable mathematical skills:

He got into Mummy's jewellery (oh the mess!!):

He drew funny faces on photos of Alex and his cousin Ella:

He found himself cornered by a T-Rex:

Alex found him asleep in the sock drawer, inside one of his school socks:

He got up to his old tricks (he really loves this one and so does Alex) and toilet-papered Mimi's TV:

He had paper bag races with his friends around the Christmas tree (Super Bear won the day!):

He took my special owlie off the Christmas tree and went bowling with marshmallows and Maltesers (Elfie won this time!):

Could be my favourite from last year - he went abseiling on the bamboo artwork in the lounge room:

When we got to Melbourne, he reverted back to his old ways again - stealing Alex's and Ella's undies and doing some redecorating of Nanny & Poppy's tree:

He jumped up high to stay out of the kids way (or perhaps survey the room and what he could get up to the following day):

And it seemed from his vantage point yesterday, he spied another TV he could toilet paper (Poppy was unimpressed!):

And since Nanny & Poppy have a fireplace, Elfie decided some marshmallow toasting might be in order:

So there you have it - the round up for the 2013 Elfie Escapades!

I hope you're ready for another round.... December is just around the corner after all!!

Bye for now :)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Elfie Escapades 2013 Part 4...

Day 6

After the debacle that occurred on Day 5, we were all wondering how Day 6 would dawn....  Would Elfie still be on strike?  Would this be the end of Elfie as we know it?  Would Alex stay on the nice list?

Well, fortunately for Alex, he really (finally) got the message about his behaviour....  There were moments of course - he is, after all, a 5 year old!  But his efforts were enough for Elfie to put down the placards and fly back to Santa....

We'll never know what he told him - but it seems that again, Elfie got back in the wee hours while everyone was asleep, and needed to have a bit of fun while he passed the time....  And so, he grabbed a pair of Alex's undies, used them as a sling, and made a bit of a swing!

Yep, that little blur hanging from the ceiling fan is Elfie!  He was having a super fun time!

Alex was wondering how he managed to get up there in his undie sling and still turn on the fan!  Gosh Elfie, you're so clever!  Must be his elf magic...  ;)

Day 7

Well...  this could be the BIGGEST prank Elfie has ever pulled....  Mummy is not impressed!!  This morning, I got up and walked out our door to find this....

Those pebbles mark my car spot.... but you might notice that my car is not there... and in the shot above you can see it is out on the street!!

When I got a little closer, and let Alex into the car, this is what we found....

Elfie draped across the steering wheel!!  When I got into the car I found my seat and mirrors had been adjusted, and quite a bit of petrol missing...  It seems Elfie had been joyriding!!!!

Alex and I moved the car back and marched Elfie inside....  Alex is demanding I write a letter to Santa about Elfie's behaviour - I might have to actually.... He's got a little out of control!!

Gosh I wonder what he'll get up to tomorrow!!

Bye for now ;)

Elfie Escapades 2013 Part 3....

This is not the fun post you've come to expect....  Let me rewind a touch - Alex has become a bit of a fashionista!  Every day there is a battle over the shoes he wants to wear (black dress/school type shoes), the pants he wants to wear (jeans - even though we're living in a sub-tropical climate!), and the shirt he wants to wear (dress shirt - button up, with a collar and preferably long sleeves thanks!)

Well, one day after school this week, Mim took him for a nice long swim in the pool - he was a very happy camper and had lots of fun.  But when he came inside, full wardrobe meltdown ensued...  We're talking a good 45 minutes of screeching, throwing himself on the floor and walking around in his underwear (because he wasn't budging and neither was I - hey, is it too much to ask for your son to dress like a normal almost-6 year old?!)  Sadly, this has become all too common in our household - we've told him about the many people across the world who would give anything for a nice, clean tshirt and shorts to wear (let alone a dress shirt!) and unfortunately it's all fallen on deaf ears.  I warned him several times that Elfie was watching and would not be liking what he saw, but he did not take heed.

Unfortunately for Alex the old saying rings true - you reap what you sow.  And the very next morning, Alex woke up to his Elfie on strike.  He was very unhappy indeed with Alex's behaviour....

He wrote Alex a note to tell him that he did not fly home to Santa, because he was upset and did not think Santa would like what he had to report.  He said he must stop throwing these tantrums and be more respectful - he also said he knew Alex could be a very good boy, and so when he could show Elfie his nice side again, the fun would continue....  But until that point, this Elf will stay on his shelf.

Oh dear :(

Elfie Escapades 2013 Part 2....

Day 2

After such a grand entrance, Elfie was a little subdued on the second day (as he was last year too)...  It seems he's missing his cold climate really early on this year, as he enlisted the help of Alex's Hawthorn Bear to throw a bit of 'snow' around in the lounge room.....

They had a great time (evidently) and even built a snow man (out of tissues)...

Hawthorn might have had a spectacular grand final victory this year, but I think he was no match for Elfie...

Day 3

Twister!!!  Not much to say here....  Elfie and Lizzy had fun with the twister board....  Alex was less than impressed at first (he doesn't know what Twister is yet!) but once it was explained to him, he saw the fun in it too :)

Day 4

This one could be pretty close to Elfie's funniest prank yet.....  Alex could not believe it when he woke up and saw that Elfie had PHOTOCOPIED HIS BOTTOM!!  Goodness Elfie.... SO rude!!!  Hahaha...

Tune in for the next installment in the Elfie Escapades, won't you!

Bye for now :)