Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Elfie Escapades 2013 - Finishing up!

Well hi there!

It's been a while, hasn't it!  Almost a year since I touched this blog - I know, the shame.  I want to be a regular blogger - but I just can't seem to do it....  It represents my life - haphazard, disorganised and unpredictable (probably true for a lot of us, especially with young kids and full time jobs).

Anyway, we're nearing the festive season again (where did that year go - who took it?  I want it back....) and I thought I should do a quick blog post to round up the rest of the mischief Elfie got up to last year, so I can hopefully work up some momentum to get me blogging into this year's festive season (and maybe about some of the awesome things that happened with us this year - wow, 2014 has been very exciting!) 

So I have it on good authority Elfie WILL be returning this year (Alex is a good kid - but he just needs that bit of extra incentive to get himself on the good list and stay there!) - so let's finish up the mischief he got up to in 2013....  I don't have all the photos (we were in Melbourne and there were a lot of us staying - Elfie events happened late at night, we were full of festive cheer... sometimes the camera didn't make it in time - what can I say?!)  And the days are muddled - but better late (and disorganised) than never!

I think we left you where Elfie drove my car - soooooo naughty!!!!  So after that...

He hung out with the other toys on Alex's bed while Alex was having a sleepover:

He made a little seat out of the teabags holder in the kitchen:

He rubbed his bottom on Mimi's computer:

He rode Alex's toy Harley:

He hung around with the Koala twins:

He set up a little one man band:

He took a nap in Alex's bed:

He made his mark with toothpaste on the bathroom mirror:

He taught the other toys some valuable mathematical skills:

He got into Mummy's jewellery (oh the mess!!):

He drew funny faces on photos of Alex and his cousin Ella:

He found himself cornered by a T-Rex:

Alex found him asleep in the sock drawer, inside one of his school socks:

He got up to his old tricks (he really loves this one and so does Alex) and toilet-papered Mimi's TV:

He had paper bag races with his friends around the Christmas tree (Super Bear won the day!):

He took my special owlie off the Christmas tree and went bowling with marshmallows and Maltesers (Elfie won this time!):

Could be my favourite from last year - he went abseiling on the bamboo artwork in the lounge room:

When we got to Melbourne, he reverted back to his old ways again - stealing Alex's and Ella's undies and doing some redecorating of Nanny & Poppy's tree:

He jumped up high to stay out of the kids way (or perhaps survey the room and what he could get up to the following day):

And it seemed from his vantage point yesterday, he spied another TV he could toilet paper (Poppy was unimpressed!):

And since Nanny & Poppy have a fireplace, Elfie decided some marshmallow toasting might be in order:

So there you have it - the round up for the 2013 Elfie Escapades!

I hope you're ready for another round.... December is just around the corner after all!!

Bye for now :)

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