Saturday, December 7, 2013

Elfie Escapades 2013 Part 4...

Day 6

After the debacle that occurred on Day 5, we were all wondering how Day 6 would dawn....  Would Elfie still be on strike?  Would this be the end of Elfie as we know it?  Would Alex stay on the nice list?

Well, fortunately for Alex, he really (finally) got the message about his behaviour....  There were moments of course - he is, after all, a 5 year old!  But his efforts were enough for Elfie to put down the placards and fly back to Santa....

We'll never know what he told him - but it seems that again, Elfie got back in the wee hours while everyone was asleep, and needed to have a bit of fun while he passed the time....  And so, he grabbed a pair of Alex's undies, used them as a sling, and made a bit of a swing!

Yep, that little blur hanging from the ceiling fan is Elfie!  He was having a super fun time!

Alex was wondering how he managed to get up there in his undie sling and still turn on the fan!  Gosh Elfie, you're so clever!  Must be his elf magic...  ;)

Day 7

Well...  this could be the BIGGEST prank Elfie has ever pulled....  Mummy is not impressed!!  This morning, I got up and walked out our door to find this....

Those pebbles mark my car spot.... but you might notice that my car is not there... and in the shot above you can see it is out on the street!!

When I got a little closer, and let Alex into the car, this is what we found....

Elfie draped across the steering wheel!!  When I got into the car I found my seat and mirrors had been adjusted, and quite a bit of petrol missing...  It seems Elfie had been joyriding!!!!

Alex and I moved the car back and marched Elfie inside....  Alex is demanding I write a letter to Santa about Elfie's behaviour - I might have to actually.... He's got a little out of control!!

Gosh I wonder what he'll get up to tomorrow!!

Bye for now ;)

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