Saturday, December 7, 2013

Elfie Escapades 2013 Part 3....

This is not the fun post you've come to expect....  Let me rewind a touch - Alex has become a bit of a fashionista!  Every day there is a battle over the shoes he wants to wear (black dress/school type shoes), the pants he wants to wear (jeans - even though we're living in a sub-tropical climate!), and the shirt he wants to wear (dress shirt - button up, with a collar and preferably long sleeves thanks!)

Well, one day after school this week, Mim took him for a nice long swim in the pool - he was a very happy camper and had lots of fun.  But when he came inside, full wardrobe meltdown ensued...  We're talking a good 45 minutes of screeching, throwing himself on the floor and walking around in his underwear (because he wasn't budging and neither was I - hey, is it too much to ask for your son to dress like a normal almost-6 year old?!)  Sadly, this has become all too common in our household - we've told him about the many people across the world who would give anything for a nice, clean tshirt and shorts to wear (let alone a dress shirt!) and unfortunately it's all fallen on deaf ears.  I warned him several times that Elfie was watching and would not be liking what he saw, but he did not take heed.

Unfortunately for Alex the old saying rings true - you reap what you sow.  And the very next morning, Alex woke up to his Elfie on strike.  He was very unhappy indeed with Alex's behaviour....

He wrote Alex a note to tell him that he did not fly home to Santa, because he was upset and did not think Santa would like what he had to report.  He said he must stop throwing these tantrums and be more respectful - he also said he knew Alex could be a very good boy, and so when he could show Elfie his nice side again, the fun would continue....  But until that point, this Elf will stay on his shelf.

Oh dear :(

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