Sunday, December 1, 2013

He's Ba-ack.... Elife Escapades 2013 Part 1...

Yep, you heard it here first....  Our little mate Elfie has returned!  If you're new to the blog, check out his escapades when he came to town last year, starting here :)

There has been much anticipation in our household for the return of our wonderful Christmas Elf - we were so hoping Santa would send him back to us, and he did!!  We've been watching some messages from Santa recently via is Portable North Pole (seriously Parents - if you've never checked this out, I highly recommend it....  Alex thinks Santa is speaking just to him, and dare I say it, it's the best tool for encouraging good behaviour that I have ever seen!! I know... Mother of the Year right here!)...  So anyways, initially Alex was actually on the Naughty list - oh dear!  But he's been trying very hard over the last week or so, and when we watched the new video from Santa a couple of days ago, he confirmed Alex has now worked his way onto the Nice list - hooray!

And with that in mind, Elfie has now arrived to make sure Alex stays on the Nice list - as usual he will use his Elf Magic to fly back to Santa each night and report on Alex's behaviour.  The thing is though, from our experiences last year, Elfie gets back in the wee hours and gets a little bored while he's waiting for us all to wake up.... and it seems he can't help himself... he just likes to create mischief!

So, without further ado, what did our Elfie get up to this morning?  Well, we got up to a big breakfast spread this morning - lots of cereal, bread and spreads.....  With a BIG message to Alex!

And Elfie had cut Crackle out of the Rice Bubbles box and put himself in his place!!  Naughty Elfie!!

He also wrote a letter to Alex...

And the most exciting part of all..... left Alex a microphone that changes his voice so he sounds like an Elf!!

It also plays lots of Christmas songs for him to sing along to in his little Elf voice!  He's has so much fun with it today...  And as you can see, he was very excited to wake up to all this today!

Wonder what Elfie will get up to tomorrow?  We'll have to wait and see....

Bye for now :)

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