Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our newest family member...

Recently my friend Michelle over at Falafel and The Bee wrote a post called Kitty on a Piano – which is a post containing photos about exactly what it says, a kitty on a piano… it was very cute! :)

So anyway, I commented on her post and mentioned that we have a new addition to our family! We weren’t going to do it yet – I was just looking on Gumtree to try to get a price on what ragdoll cats might cost, with the aim of bringing home a furry feline sometime around Christmas for Alex…. And then I came across these photos of Yunie…

Who could resist such a beautiful and seemingly so easy going kitty? She is 2 years old, so she’s not a kitten, but Yunie’s owner was going travelling for an extended period overseas and couldn’t take her. We arranged a time to go and meet her – he had turned down other couples who he felt were not the right fit for her so we were a bit nervous, but she took to us fairly well and he was confident enough in us that he was happy to let us bring her home (actually he was quite sad to let her go, but you know what I mean).

So we brought her home! And now Yunie (aka Yunie-bear, Kitty-Boo, Little Miss Furry Pants or damn cat - dependent on what mischief she is getting up to at the time!) is a member of our family.... and Alex has a new best friend... actually he calls her his (furry) sister :)

He never leaves her alone! She’s a very playful cat, and ALWAYS getting into mischief…. She launches herself at our bedroom doors in the middle of the night with great crashing thuds, followed by a bit of mad scratching and two little furry paws going back and forth under the door at great speed… Very funny, unless it’s 1am and she’s woken you from a sound slumber (which is often the case!)

So anyway, this post is really gonna be about the photos isn’t it – apologies that they are all grainy iPhone pics, but here you go anyway:

Napping with Boofy….

This chair is taken… and that one too….

I wasn’t even looking at the cake boxes, honest…..

I love you tail….

Overall, I’d say she has settled in well and is nice and relaxed in her new home….

Wouldn’t you?

Bye for now ;)


  1. Oh my goodness THE CUTENESS is too much!
    She looks very comfortable with her new brother:)
    Thanks for sharing these.
    I miss having kitties for the silliness.

    1. LOL yep she's super cute! Alex just LOVES her!!! :)