Thursday, December 4, 2014

Elfie Rides Again! Elfie Escapades 2014 - Part 1

DAY 1:

Well as promised, on the 1st December our little mate returned - hooray!!  We didn't give Alex any warning - so when he wandered out and found Elfie on the bench, sporting his now trademark breakfast spread, he was very excited!

DAY 2:

While yesterday was a lovely welcome back, it has not taken Elfie very long to get up to mischief again!  Today we found Elfie having a little popcorn fest in the microwave....  Alex thought this was most hilarious (and even helped him eat a little bit of it!)

DAY 3:

Do you want to build a snowman?  It seems Elfie was in a bit of a Frozen mood and decided, with the help of a little Olaf, to turn himself into a snowman!  Alex thought it was very clever of Elfie (and very funny that, only 3 days in, he's already made 3 messes for Mummy to clean up!)

DAY 4:

A kind gesture.... gone a little awry!  Elfie used his time, waiting for us all to wake up, constructively today and packed Alex's school lunch...  Only the content was not really what Alex was used to.....  In his lunchbox today Alex found amareno cherries, baby peeled prawns, a lollipop, sultanas & apricots, sushi ginger, artichoke hearts in olive oil, dried porcini mushrooms, and anchovies!

Stay tuned for more Elfie fun as December progresses!!  Bye for now :)

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