Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pots pots pots...

Well hello again!!  I know its been a really long time... I can't believe a month has passed since I wrote my last post.  Many apologies, its just been such a busy time.

As you'll know if you've read the blog before, we recently had Alex Baptised.  It was a very special day, both at the Church and the party that followed at home.  There are many stories that go along with that day, and quite a few things to update you on too - but I might tell those all together in a special update post.  For now, please enjoy this picture of my special little guy on his very special day :)

And now onto the garden pots...  Some time ago, in this post about how I had the blues so bad... I showed you a couple of pictures of what had become of the herb pots that we had around the place, and also my beloved kaffir lime.  To save you flicking back, here is what the herbs looked like:

So sad...  You see the herbs were undercover, so they never got any direct sunlight or rain (except the mint on the left which, as you can see, is the only one that was even close to survival) and I rarely remembered to water them!  (Notice the pre-pressure clean pavers too - urgh!)
And the kaffir lime, which did get sunlight and rainfall, was just as neglected...

And so they all looked awful....  Until very recently (actually it was more than a month ago, but lets pretend I'm totally up to date it was very recent... humour me!)  You already had a sneak preview of this in my recent Backyard Blitz post, but in case you missed it.... I got rid of those old dead herbs and repotted these with new plants - I also gave them a new location where they could enjoy the sunlight and any rain that came along, lining the little path into the garage.  There was a perfect spot between the path and the pool fence that was crying out for something...  I also added a couple of strawberry planters.  Here is how they looked when I'd finished that day:

Cute aren't they?  From left to right, they are parsley, lemongrass, mint and strawberries.  And here is how they're looking now (don't mind the weeds at the bottom - I have yet to lay some stones there!):

The strawberries have copped a beating from Alex lately... every time a little red strawberry pops up, its just as quickly popped into a little mouth!  Consequently there is not much doing there at the moment.

And as for my kaffir lime?  Well he really wasn't too healthy at all...  I decided to cut him right back and give him a fertilise and lots of water... When I originally wrote this post it still wasn't looking too healthy, and I wasn't holding out much hope....

But it has since taken off beautifully (we have had a lot of rain here lately, and I've been diligent about watering also!) and is now going great guns...

And yes, that is a little sprig of coriander growing in the pot there... and around that area on the ground also... clearly a previous effort went to seed somewhere around there!! Lol

You may have noticed a little companion on his left too...  I actually planted my very first thing from seed - radishes!  I'd had the seeds for ages and didn't know how they'd go, but one week on, I had some cute little green shoots in there!!  It was very exciting :)

Of course I should have separated them shortly after taking these photos - because they now look like this and all their roots are intertwined :/  I don't think they're actually going to produce anything, but Alex is still hopeful...

And again - I need to put some stones down on the ground there! 

Anyway we're loving the new little arrangement, and they're great for Alex to water while I focus on the big vege garden.  Speaking of which, stay tuned for an update very soon - I cannot BELIEVE how out of control it is after only about 8 weeks!!

So there you have it - another little backyard job done and dusted...  I'm so excited to be accomplishing things at home, it's great!  I promise I won't leave it so long to post next time, I just needed time to catch my breath after all the happeneings around here!

And the very last order of business today?  Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband Boofy - we've been married 9 years today  xxx

Bye for now :)


  1. Congratulations to Alex on his baptism. Gosh he looks so grown up and handsome! The garden looks fantastic. Well done on the 9 years as well xox

  2. Thanks Cass - it was a really special day... and yes he's growing up far too fast!! :) xxx

  3. I hope you had a lovely Anniversary! It goes fast doesn't it?
    Congrats to your little boy as well. He is a cutie.

  4. Congrats to you and hubby on your anniversary-and many happy returns, too...and on your bubs special day.

    Feels good to tick off things on the to-do list, doesn't it? That's what I am off to do right now...