Monday, July 23, 2012

Krispy's pick of the week : Mr Wilkinson's Favourite Vegetables

We've been through tonnes of books with Alex over the last week, but I'm selfishly hogging the limelight for one of my own books this week (or to be more accurate, the Library's book!)

You know, I borrow all sorts of weird and wonderful books from our local Library - but I have a bit of an unusual method for choosing my books.... I mostly place holds online and then collect them, so I don't tend to 'browse' so much.  My method is this: I subscribe to places like Fishpond, who send emails advertising what's on special.... instead of buying the books, if I like the look of it I'll go onto the Library's website to see if our Library has it - if they do, I put a hold on it!  Very cheeky I know, and in some cases I have enjoyed a book so much I've later bought it, but usually I order my books via The Book Depository.  Even cheekier (but in many cases, waaaay cheaper!)

Anyways, back to this week's book:

I put a hold on this one as I was intrigued about the title - also with the vege garden starting to flourish, I'm got vegetables on my brain... plus I love vegetables - I will happily eat every vege except for silverbeet/spinach... and I don't much care for peas, but I'll still eat them :)

You will quickly discover its not a vegetarian cookbook... its a book about making the vegetable the star of the dish instead of the protein.  So where you might ordinarily say "I'll make marinated chicken for dinner", scrape up whatever veges or salad you have hanging around and whack an old potato with it, this book would encourage you to say "I've got some lovely sugar snap peas, fresh baby corn and sweet potato.... I think I'll make a sweet potato and coriander mash with steamed sugar snaps and baby corn... and maybe grill a bit of old chicken with that!" Lol...  Well not quite, but you get the idea :)

There are some odd recipes in the book for sure - for example how about some 'Green garlic champ with poached egg & grilled ox tongue'?  No, not for me either (eewwww)!  Well then, anyone for some  'Nettle and green herb soup with poached quail egg, scallop & pancetta'?  Sounds still a bit kooky, but much more appetising.

A couple of the ones I'd like to try are 'Zucchini wrapped John Dory, tomato, pine nuts & steamed zucchini flowers', and 'Roasted cucumber, quinoa, freekah & herbs'.... Both sound quite delish!  I'll post the recipes if I end up making them.

So tell me, have you tried nettle recently?  Nope, me either :)  And do you have an unusual way of choosing your books from the Library too, or is it just me?

I'm linking this post up to Felafel and The Bee's On Our Shelves Sunday post for this week.

Bye for now :)

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