Sunday, July 15, 2012

We are family...

My Mum is one of seven children - she has four sisters and two brothers.  Recently, my Aunty Rhonda turned 60, and her son Adam and daughter in law Jo did a wonderful job of organising a surprise party for her.  We were happy to be able to go and give the birthday girl our best wishes, and also to see Grandma, who had heart surgery only four short weeks ago, looking so amazingly well!

Its not too often everyone gets together, but when they do its always a great time - you don't wanna miss it.  So anyways I thought I would share some pics from the birthday girl's special day.....  warning this is a post positively laden with family shots!

Here are all the sisters, one brother and Grandma - clockwise from top left Rhonda, my Mum Sue, Gayle, Lynda, Illumina, Grandma and Kevin:

Can you believe Grandma had heart surgery so recently?  Doesn't she look amazing?  We think so too :)  Here's another great photo of her with my Mum and Kevin, and Kev's lovely wife Jane.

And a shot of (clockwise from top left) Kev, Jane, Lee (Jane's daughter), Grandma and Jayden (Lee's son).

Grandma with two (of her twenty two) grandchildren, Lauryn (left, Gayle's daughter) and Mel (right, Illumina's daughter), and great grandson Jayden in front.  Aren't they stunning girls? 

And a photo of the birthday girl with four generations.... this time I'm going anti clockwise from bottom left (just to keep you on your toes!) - Grandma, Adam (Rhonda's son), Rhonda, Billy (Jo & Adam's son), Jo (Adam's wife) and Jake (also Jo & Adam's son).  Get a load of the dimples on those boys - they are gorgeous!

We had a wonderful time, and everyone really enjoyed themselves.  Rhonda was told that she was going out for lunch with Adam, Jo and the kids, so she was very surprised to see so many people there - which of course was the idea!

And I just have to put this disclaimer in about the next photo - of course I would never think smoking is funny generally, let alone for a lady 4 weeks out from heart surgery....  But the reason we all found this so hilarious on the day was that everyone was organising photos when Grandma just picked this up to amuse herself while we were all fussing.... when we realised what Grandma had done (and it took a good 30 seconds or so!) we were all in fits because this lady has not smoked a single cigarette in her entire life, nor would she ever in a million years!!  (Note: obviously the cigarette was unlit).

Check out the cheeky look on her face - still shocking us when we least expect it with her wicked sense of humour!

We hope you had a wonderful birthday Aunty Rhonda xxxx

Bye for now :)

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  1. Such a beautiful entry Kristy.. Photo's are wonderful. What a great lunch..Thanks for recording it and making it more special with your creativity xx