Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Summer Lovin....

HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS!!  Hope 2013 is the best year yet for you all - wishing you much happiness, love and joy :)

I will save the rambling new years resolutions for another post - today this is just a quick little post about how much we are loving our pool this summer…. And Alex’s new slide!

We celebrated Alex’s 5th birthday just 3 days before Christmas…. Because it’s so close, we had his birthday party with his buddies the week before at an indoor play centre. Nanny and Poppy were in town specially, and we all had a great time.

On the actual day though, we had a BBQ at our place with family and a couple of friends… And of course the day started very early, and with presents!! There were many, but perhaps the one we were all most excited about was a pool slide that Boofy and I bought him. So excited were we in fact, that Alex and I were pumping this thing up at 6am, and before we’d even had breakfast we were in the pool and Alex was giving it a whirl – woo hoo!! You gotta love these summer days haven’t you? ;)

Unfortunately it is not for adults (BUMMER) but all the kids who came to see us that day were absolutely loving it. Such a work out it got, that unfortunately the following morning, this happened….

The bottom platform of the slide broke off… not the end of the world though, actually quite the opposite! Alex now has a kiddie size lilo and he makes it to the water faster when going down the slide – wheeeee!!!!

So all is not lost after all. And because we are experiencing our first relatively dry summer in about 4 years, we are making full use of the pool at every opportunity – early in the morning, after work, on the weekends…. When ever we can, while ever we can – we’re loving it and Alex’s swimming is coming along in leaps and bounds – even better!!

How are you spending your summer days? Or are your days currently not as summery as ours?

Bye for now :)

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