Friday, January 21, 2011

$5 ebay score...

Its very likely you won't see what I see when you look at this coffee table!  Lol...  You see I've been on the lookout for a coffee table for a while (with a particular purpose in mind).  I'd been considering all sorts of Ikea and Super Amart options, when a week or so ago I saw this baby on ebay in a classified ad - asking price?  $5!  Tell me the last time you bought a piece of furniture for $5?!  I got waaaay excited...  I'm always reading blogs (mostly American ones) where the blogger picks up these horrendous little pieces for a couple of bucks only to turn it into something beyond your wildest dreams....  I wanna do that too but those bargains never seem to cross my path - until now!  Check this baby out:

I figured it looked like a fairly basic frame, so even if the top was irretrievable (which it very well might be) I could just unscrew it from the frame and buy a sheet of MDF for a new table top.  Well the original photo of course showed those marks you can see in the photo above.  The surface is only some sort of wooden laminate (or something along those lines) and table top itself is MDF or chipboard or something... I'm totally wowing you with my expertise in all things handy aren't I?  Lol...  never mind, knowledge is no match for enthusiasm!

So when I got this poor girl home and had a really good look... well.....

Lets just say that if they made Proactiv for tables, I'd be callin' up Guthy Renker faster than you could say Katy Perry!  This table has some serious scarring....  But since they don't make Proactiv for tables, its up to me to do some 'microdermabrasion' on this baby and see if I can get her looking youthful again!  (And if I can't, I'm afraid it will be new MDF - yes, a facelift of Joan Rivers proportions ladies and gents!)

And see the thing about this surface is that it doesn't have to be perfect, just reasonably straight.  Cos I'm going to cover it anyway... in what you say?  Well you'll have to wait and see....  what a tease I am!!  I'm hoping that this coffee table will go on to be the new play table in Alex's toy room (the one we have in there now is not cutting it as my boy grows and has his little pals over).

So hopefully I will get started on this over the weekend and won't leave you in suspense for too long!  And now that I've put this out into the big wide world for anyone to see, I really DO hope that enthusiasm will prevail over my lack of knowledge in the end...  wish me luck!! Lol

Bye for now :)

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