Sunday, January 16, 2011

kitchen after...

Well as promised, here are the kitchen afters :)  The walls weren't painted yet in these photos, and the floor still needed tiling, so we had a jute rug down - but more on those in another post!  Here's our (almost) finished product:

We bought a new fridge but were able to save some money by using the same appliances (since they were all still in good condition).

 And this is the view over our new big bench, with servery wall gone, into the lounge and dining rooms (don't mind the fridges in the dining room or the hideous paintwork - all gone now!)

I found the feature tile in the splash back and just feel in love - its a mixture of matte and gloss glass tiles with stones inlaid in some of them.  We have the same ones in our ensuite but little square mosaics instead of long ones.  We chose the large 600 x 300 ivory tiles to go with them - not my choice, but I was outvoted by Boofy and my Mum (and the ones I wanted weren't available when the tiler was anyway, so I guess they weren't meant to be!)  But these ones look good.

So there you have it - kitchen renovation all but over!  I'll share the details of the flooring in another post, since it ended up being quite the juggling act!  Let me know if you'd like me to do a post with pictures of all the inside kitchen features (pull out pantry drawers, le mans, under sink bin, 900 wide drawers etc) - if so, I'll have a clean up and take some shots!

Bye for now :)

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