Saturday, January 15, 2011

hello... tap tap... is this thing on?

Well hi and welcome!  If you're reading this, then you've found my blog!  Well (obviously) today is my first day of blogging.  I'm hoping I'll be able to share lots of things about the progress of our home renovation, our family life and the strange things that pop into my head!  Mostly I think this blog will be read by friends and family, but just in case you are a complete stranger who has happened upon my blog page....want to know some things about me?  I'll assume that 'ummm....' is a yes! 

Here is a recent portrait picture of our little family:

Well first off, my husband Tim (affectionately known as Boofy)  and I have been married since 2002 and we have a 3 year old son, Alex.  We bought our current home about a year ago and have been feverishly renovating ever since (it was a case of 'Renovation... Interrupted!' when we bought, so there was much to do).  It was missing some floor coverings, skirting, cornices, taste, bits of walls... but had great bones!  We're having a ball watching it transform from ugly duckling to beautiful swan.

My first love is of course my family - my fantastic husband and my son who is the most adorable kid I've ever met (biased?  me?  no way....)  Seriously he says the funniest things... are all 3 year olds so funny?  Don't get me wrong, life isn't all fluff and fun... of course he has his cheeky, devlish side, but mostly he's just gorgeous :)

That aside, another thing you never needed to know about me is that I have an unnatural obsession with homewares.... seriously, I drool over them in catalogues, in magazines, on websites, on blogs, in books... well, you get the picture!  I just love them... really... but when it comes time to actually purchasing them, I'm often paralysed with indecision...  Actually that's not entirely true... I would describe my shopping style as 'bi-polar'...  I'm either a master procrastinator or the impulse queen....  Its shameful how many impulse-purchases-gone-wrong I've taken back or just had to live with over the years!  But then there are other things I have coveted for months, and when they come on sale (and are therefore in my price range) I just can't bring myself to take it up to the register and actually buy it!  (I've loved it and looked at it for so long... could it really be mine?  Am I sick of it now?  If its on sale because its the end of season, what if the new range stock is something even better, and then I've bought this one and have to start saving all over again?  You see where this is going... a frightening insight into my brain for you!)

Besides homewares (and my family) the next two things on my list of best ways to spend a day, if I'm not totally exhausted from work and being a Mum, are cooking and crafting.  Craft is more of a pipe dream these days...  I have a sewing machine but can't sew, I love to scrapbook but have not made time for it since before my son was born, I love to make things (anything really) but it never seems to be a priority...  People have told me for years I'm a bit creative, but I sometimes lack that push I need to just get in and get started...  (Enter procrastination again - this is a common theme in the world of me... the mortal enemy of someone with an active mind...  too many ideas, not enough action!)  And the cooking thing... well...  I used to spend all day cooking feasts for my friends...  I loved to cook beautiful fresh food, sit with friends and family, and enjoy the fruits (or salads) of my labour with a few glasses of wine.  But since I had Alex, I rarely cook something that doesn't involve some sort of pre-prepared element or come from a recipe that has the words 'quick and easy' in front of it (Nigella Express has featured heavily!)  Any if I'm totally honest, my husband probably cooks the majority of our weeknight meals now.  Still, if we are entertaining I do tend to take over the cooking...  and occassionally I still pull out the big guns, so I'm sure I'll get right back to it at some stage when life is a little less hectic :)  And in terms of this blog, if you love a recipe, never fear.... not actually making the meals hasn't diminished my zest (pun intended) for recipes and cookbooks (esp really pretty ones!!) so I'll still be sharing lots of recipes - everything from express weeknight meals to full on dinner parties (depending on your preference).  And don't worry, I'm no expert, so nothing too technical, just good fresh, simple food that appeals to most..  I particularly love Asian food.  Delish!

Well I think I have bored you rambled long enough!  I'm hoping I'll be back to blog again and not just relegate this to the 'started but can't be bothered finishing' pile like so many of my other brilliant ideas!  If I do come back, I hope I'll see you then :)

Bye for now

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