Sunday, June 19, 2011

Made It this month : June...

A little while ago I featured some things I found over on Made It in this post...  I had some good feedback from readers via email and in person that they enjoyed that particular post (nice!)  Based on that I decided I might make a regular habit of sharing some of the amazing things I come across in this little online treasure trove.  So this is my first offering for you - I'd love your feedback on this new 'segment' - love it?  Hate it?  Let me know :)

The first thing I want to share is this Set of 4 Coastal Wall discs by Floss Design...  I wouldn't necessarily buy this, but I was thinking if you were in a crafty mood it and felt like taking a stab at this yourself, it would be a very cheap way to get some artwork on your walls - those embroidery hoops are only a few dollars from Spotlight, so if you scored some interesting fabric in your style of decor, it's a totally doable artwork.  I think these would work especially well for a themed room (maybe a kids room or a spare bedroom) - big bang for small bucks - love it!

This next one is something I would never buy, but I had to share - it's so bizarre!  If you haven't guessed already, this little offering is a Brain in a Jar - made by Your Organ Grinder.  I really debated whether or not to include this one, but in the end it was just so strange, I had to!  In case you're wondering if they do other organs, the answer is yes!  You can buy lungs (with or without red capillaries), a uterus in a jar and for the fashionistas there are even eyeball hair clips and ear brooches!

Okay pulling back from the weird and wonderful, and moving onto more traditional hand made offerings...  I loved this little Hand Made Felted Wool Bag by The Potty Knitter.  Isn't that little porcelain button cute?  I think its under stated but still a little bit hippy - nice.  It's also modestly priced :)

And while I'm on the bag train... I came across this gorgeous little Brown Bloom Pleated Wristlet/ Clutch by Odds n Blobs.  You might recall I mentioned Jess from Odds n Blobs in my last Made It post here - I am happy to say I ordered a big zippered pouch in my beloved owl fabric from her, and its gorgeous, I'm very happy with it.  (It also arrived very quickly - bonus!)  But back to this one - I'm thinking brunch... a pair of jeans, an earthy top, some gorgeous strappy sandals and cute little earrings... this little clutch would be the perfect addition! It sort of has a sweet vintage feel that really appeals to me.  She has tonnes of other fabrics in this style too... its hard to choose a favourite - even as I was copying the link for this one, I found several I potentially liked more! Lol...

I think this Organic Rose & Honey Lip Balm by Back of the Moon would make a lovely gift.  The flavour sounds divine, and the packaging is sooo pretty.  There are lots of other lovely skin care products on their site also.

I just love this Hand Made Quilted Rug Coaster from My Studio.  There's enough room for a cup and saucer, or mug and a little plate.  It has batting inside it to soak up any spills, then you just throw it in the washing machine - genius!  So it never lets your favourite cuppa wreck your surfaces.  I wish I had found this when my Nanna was still with us - she would have adored this one, she loved her tea and green was her favourite colour.  If a spare 20 bucks becomes magically available in our budget this week and its still for sale, I'm gonna have to buy it - it would look great on my desk at work and I just know it would remind me of her every time I use it :)

This little number below had me at hello....  It's a Book Satchel and Bookmark Set by Designery.  Is it necessary in life?  No.  Is it a super cute gift for an avid reader?  You bet!  I am forever carting around paperbacks which get dog eared in my bag and look 100 years old after 2 days.  This little satchel has room for a book and even your glasses (if you wear them).  This is a lovely gift idea... I may attempt this type of thing myself when I get more acquainted with my sewing machine!  (Note to friends and family - I am still figuring out how to thread it, so don't hold your breath!  Lol)

These sweet little Violet Garden Earrings by Three Wishes have a pretty vintage look and are made from lentil lampwork beads...  I can totally picture these little babies in my ears, they are so me!  In fact there are quite a few little trinkets on this site I would love to add to my treasure chest *sigh*

And now for the finale.  In my opinion I've definitely saved the best for last!  This 'My Love' Bracelet from Halle Jay is just beautiful.  The heart can be stamped with initials or a date which makes it the perfect gift for the birth of a child or wedding/ engagement/ anniversary. 

Isn't it lovely?  And since my husband doesn't read this blog (he's been "going to get around to it" for some time now)... would someone please share this link with Boofy and tell him our 9th wedding anniversary is just 3 short months away?  Also let him know I would love this bracelet with his name on the heart (which conveniently only has 3 letters), or our wedding date... and to communicate directly with the seller about getting some extra links put in, as I like my bracelets on the loose side!  Thanks ever so much :)

So that brings us to the end of Made It this month...  What did you think?  Did you enjoy this little look at some of Australia's more creative offerings?  Do you already scour Madeit, and if so, do you already have your own faves?  Will you look forward to reading this every month, never want to see it again, or wish I was doing it every week? Love to have your comments....

Bye for now :)


  1. Thanks for the lovely blog. I only just found this via Pinterest.
    Halle Jay :)
    PS what did you end up getting for your wedding anniversary?

  2. Hi Halle Jay :)
    Thanks for commenting - I didn't even know someone had put me on Pinterest! Lol...
    The wedding anniversary was a bit of a bust gift wise, but we did go out for a nice meal and had a kid free night courtesy of a lovely friend - so it was still lovely :)
    Thanks again for the lovely comments!
    Krispy :)