Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Home Shopping...

So you probably know by now, if you've read some of my other posts, that I am big on reading blogs.  Often on these blogs, people are showcasing recent Etsy purchases, which are always gorgeous and hand made...  I have bought some stuff of Etsy myself, namely some cute quilted coasters from btaylor quilts - I bought three different sets of 4 (one pictured below) but she has lots and lots of them

Buying from America is great value at the moment with the dollar the way it is - so if you find something on Etsy, now is definitely the time to buy!  But sometimes, because the sellers are based in the USA, the shipping costs of these items are prohibitive for us Aussies (although these coasters weren't - postage was very reasonable).  For this reason (and because the dollar was not as good as it is now!) about a year ago I decided to look for something a little closer to home... and that is when I stumbled upon madeit.  There are some wonderful (Australian) hand made items - some are reasonable, some are on the more expensive side, but I'm sure this just reflects the labour that went into creating them. Anyway, here are a few little gems I have my eye on at the moment...

These "Anita" Sparkly Crystal Briolet Earrings by Lisbon Sky are so cute - I love a bit of sparkle!

This gorgeous jewellery tree by Sage Design would look lovely in any bedroom I think (girly enough to be pretty, but not too girly that the husband would complain!)

This cute wonky flag bunting by The Wonky Tree would be lovely in a kids bedroom, or outdoors for a party

And how about this Doyles Restaurant vintage tile by The Travelling Tiles... a bit of nostalgia for you Sydney-siders :)

I am in love with all things owl-related (in fact I've been carting around a pair of jade owls from my family home since I left a bit under 20 years ago!  Not to mention several other owls around the place, and my son's whole bedroom... decorated in owls!)  So no surprise that I'm loving this fun little Owl Line Up in Green zip pouch by Odds and Blobs... I really need a toiletry bag as well though... so I have emailed Jess for a quote! If you're an owl officianado like myself, check out her site - she has LOTS of different owl patterns :)

It is taking all my willpower not to purchase this gorgeous satchel with crocheted flowers by Ruby Berry...   The only reason I'm not buying it is because I need another bag like a hole in the head - oh but its so cute!!!  Stop it Krispy... budget - stick to the budget!!  OK deep breaths!  And... moving on.

Actually part of the reason I cannot afford this beautiful bag, is because... well... I did already make a purchase!  It was about a quarter of the price of the bag, so I don't feel so bad... and the title of it was REDUCED! REDUCED!  How could I resist?  Also I feel like every day lately is a bad hair day (I've got to get a haircut!), and I've been using boring bobby pins to clip back my 'fringe' so hopefully they will make things a little more exciting :)

These vintage flower bobby pins (plus ring!) are by Nomstar - I've just snapped up the last ones in these colours, but I notice there are still a few in other colours on sale if anyone else has a burning desire to own some!

I hope you've enjoyed this little foray into madeit... it is another one of my happy places!  I dare say I'll post about this gorgeous little marketplace again... I'm always trawling through it for inspiration!

Bye for now :)

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