Sunday, April 24, 2011

I need help...

You might recall that some time ago, I scored a table for $5 on eBay...  A while back Boofy took his sander to said table and it has since sat looking all forlorn in our garage, awaiting attention.

Today I got a bit motivated and thought about what sort of design I might like to put on the table.  I am hoping to use it in the toy room as Alex's new play/craft table.  The table he currently uses for this is inadequate, since his besties are twins and there are often 3 kids at a time playing or eating at it.  We don't let them eat in the toy room, we move it out of the toy room into the dining room, as the kidlets have been embracing the 'kids table' recently!  :)

Well, I am no painter, that is for certain - I recently painted some old bedside tables and no longer have use of the drawers.... they are painted shut!  Lol...  So it was never in this table's future to get a new paint job!  Then what do I plan to do, you might ask?  Many moons ago, when my friend Kylie's son (Brandon) was a tiny little boy, I procured a toy box and set about cutting up a wonderfully illustrated children's book (The Sign of the Seahorse by Graeme Base) to make him a mural on the top of it.  I pasted it all down with craft glue, then mixed up some craft glue with a little bit of water and painted it over the top as a sort of lacquer.  As far as I know, it lasted several years, so I thought I might try this again (note that I'd never done it prior to Brandon's toy box, and have not done it again since!)

So today, in an effort to get cracking, and keep my boy occupied at the same time, we sat down with paper, scissors and glue... and I drafted a design.  I know which papers I want to use for this project (since his toy room has a chocolate coloured lounge, and I plan to incorporate some green and orange in there when we finally get around to doing the whole thing up) so I decided to cut it out and paste the papers over the top of my rough design... and this is what I came up with...  Please pretend, while you're looking at it, that its actually the top of a coffee table you're looking at!  Lol

And this is where you come in.  I'm mostly happy with it, and obviously it is going to be much larger blocks of those patterns (since the table is considerably larger than an A4 sheet of paper) but I'm just not 100%.  Do you think it needs more chocolate brown to bring it all together?  Don't like the 'tiled' bits?  Any suggestions?  All feedback (good and bad) gratefully received!  Personally, I'm leaning towards a chocolate border right around the outside... (its a bit hard to see but those dark strips on it are actually chocolate, not black).  Thoughts?

Thanks friends :)

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