Friday, April 22, 2011

Very Good Friday Atlantic Salmon...

As I'm sure you're aware, traditionally fish is eaten on Good Friday.  A couple of weeks ago I went to the local seafood shop and paid a fortune for bought some nice pieces of Atlantic salmon which I then froze - I tend to eat this whenever Boofy barbecues himself a steak, so I usually buy about 8 pieces at a time.

Boofy is not much of a fish eater (in fact he almost never eats it) and he's not at all religious either, so I was surprised when he said he'd join me in a fish dinner on Good Friday.

We always do our salmon on the BBQ - its pretty easy, just spray the plate with spray cooking oil and then put the salmon skin side down on the plate.  Wait until you can see its cooked halfway through (or a bit less if you prefer your fish on the medium-rare side, which many do) and then turn it over.  Done!

Note: most people I know think we're crazy to cook fish straight on the BBQ plate as it will flavour meat that is subsequently cooked there... not true!  The trick to ridding the plate of all fishy residue, odour and taste is to clean it with white vinegar while its hot...  I promise you this works!  My mum told us about it, and we've never had a fishy piece of meat since!

So, back to dinner!  This is the easiest sauce in the world... just incredible!


Thomy Mayonnaise
Ground cumin
Lemon squeeze

Put a few good tablespoons of Thomy mayo in a jar.  Add a generous squirt of lemon squeeze for each tablespoon.  Put in a generous amount of ground cumin (more than you think you'd need).  Put the lid on the jar and mix it up til all combined.  Dip your finger in to taste and add more mayo if there's too much lemon/ cumin, more lemon if there isn't any bite, and more cumin if you think it lacks flavour.

Note: don't try this with your average Aussie mayo - our ones are much too sweet!  The European ones are not at all sweet, which really gives this sauce its flavour - it would be awful with a sweet mayo. 

If you were looking for a low fat version (because this is NOT a diet sauce!) you could do it with sour cream, but you need much less lemon juice.. it also doesn't taste nearly as nice - sometimes you've gotta be good, but my advice would be eat less of this one!! Lol

Once the fish is done, add some salad and plate it all up.  I really hate boring salads, so I always add as much as possible.  On this occasion I actually didn't think I really had much of a salad, but it turned out I had quite a bit.  Boofy wanted potato, but instead of serving it on the side, I boiled it, cooled it and put it in the salad, which tastes great, but does make the salad look a bit dull - you can see what I mean in the photo below - it takes that really crisp look off the salad.  Nevertheless, it still taste great.  So in this salad I had lettuce, parsley, Lebanese cucumber, mushrooms, sliced Spanish black olives, red capsicum, grape tomatoes, Spanish onion and potatoes.  I made waaay more than we needed, because its the weekend tomorrow and we have some left over chicken and ham, so this will be a lovely lunch for us Saturday and Sunday with cold meat :)  So without further ado... the salad:

I recently got a really wonderful compliment...  We had some friends over that we haven't seen for ages (hi Bec and Steve!)  It was a wonderful night, and we just had a casual BBQ, but when I served up the salad, Steve told me that he knew he could count on a good salad at our place - I was super chuffed :)  (Although my Mum still makes the best salads I've ever tasted... even her boring ones are better than anyone elses!)

Well I can tell you the whole meal was super tasty... this sauce is great on anything (even red meat).  Almost every time I put it on the table when we have guests over, they end up pouring it on everything!  And here is the amazing part - it has to be tasted to be believed, you will not believe how good it is for something so simple!!

By the way, Alex won't eat Atlantic salmon yet, so we gave him some fish nuggets with a hash brown (just done in the oven) and salad... not the healthiest meal but he rarely eats this type of thing, so I'm sure it won't kill him!  His dinner looked like this:

Yeah I know, it did nothing for me either, but he liked it, so I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder!

Bye for now :)

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