Saturday, April 30, 2011

Colds, cubbies and bubbles...

Unbelievably, I find myself with another cold... where do they come from?  Why do they choose me all the time?  Very frustrating...  So this morning I have a 3 year old who needs entertaining, and zero energy to participate - not good.  Solution?  Easy fun....

Warning:  massive amount of Alex photos to follow... if you're not into looking at photos of other people's kids, this is not the post for you! :)

Changing out of PJs looked like this... a bit of shirt on head action is always a winner!

Don't even ask me what was going on in that last shot - no idea!!  So once we'd actually got the boy dressed, I was sitting at my laptop and Alex was bringing all his toys out and tunnelling under my desk... not ideal since there are a lot of cords and power points under there, but, being 3 years old, he was not to be deterred!

To avoid possible electrocution under my desk, I decided to move him out of harm's way.  I moved all the chairs away from our dining table, draped two sheets over the top, and weighed the top down with a chopping board.  Instant cubby!

He brought quite a bit of stuff into his cubby, including of course his guitar! :)

And he did play inside it for a while, but eventually he became more interested in the chairs I had moved away from the table. 

He put his own little chair in there, brought in the sun shade from my car and the mat he uses to play with his dinosaurs... and next thing you know, he's sitting inside his very own rocket (or so he tells me!)

Oops he must have seen an alien!

Never mind, just pull faces at it and scare it away :)

Super fun!!!  After a while, indoor play was getting a bit boring, so we headed outdoors.  Aunty Shez recently went to the Royal Easter Show in Sydney and bought Alex a Ben 10 show bag, which had lots of goodies... a lunchbox, a bag, drink bottle, clock, toys and a great little bubble maker.  After a bit of fun with the herb pots outside (cutting off spindly bits and watering them) he got right into the bubbles!  Unfortunately the bubble gun broke pretty early on in the piece (that's it on the table next to Alex), fortunately we had backups so the bubble fun could continue!

So all in all its been a pretty fun morning for Alex :)  At lunch time he will have his rest, and then Boofy is going to take him for some special boys time at the park, which he will love!  Alex's Kindy teacher has sent home a 'surprise bag' which is a paper bag that Alex has painted on. 

There is a note attached that says:

Dear Parents,

I am sending home a "surprise bag", what I would like you to do with your child is go for a walk or to the beach and collect some nature items or you can bring in a special photo that your child can talk about at our morning group.  Place the items in the bag and bring them in with them the next time your child attends.  This activity develops: Confidence, language enrichment, thinking skills, listening skills and parental involvement.

Thank you, have fun.
Miss Kay

I love this idea!  We decided that Daddy and Alex will collect some items from the park when they go this afternoon for Alex to talk about next week at Kindy, they are really looking forward to it!  Alex and I may go to the park on Monday (being a public holiday) while Daddy is a at work - if so, we'll go to a different park and collect different things so Alex can talk about the differences between the two parks and the things we found.  Should be fun!

Bye for now :)

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