Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Treasure Hunt...

It seems everywhere we look these days (in the world of Alex) they are doing something with maps...  Dora the Explorer's map sings a song about itself... and yesterday they even had a treasure map on Florrie's Dragons on ABC2.  So it seemed only fitting that the Easter bunny get into the swing and leave Alex a map on Easter Sunday to show him where the treasure is!

Well they are busy getting chocolates and such together at the Easter bunny's workshop, so he decided to hop on over and make the map at our place (more space to spread out!  Lol)  He called me in advance and asked me to get everything ready, I was very happy to oblige!  And as luck would have it, I found this Easter bonnet kit I bought last year (as a back up) for $4 - I felt sure he would find it very handy indeed!

I don't have any photos of him working, because he's very fast... but I managed to write down some details...  First he got hold of my A3 sized sketch book.  He then looked at our house and drew a loose outline of it on the sketch pad.  Then he just drew in some of the furniture, and put a big X in green and pink glitter glue where ever a special treat could be found!  Now bear in mind that the Easter bunny has paws, not hands, so he's not the best artist... and he is quite fatigued from all the Easter preparations which doesn't help his artistic abilities any!  But he gave it his best shot and here's what we ended up with (obviously its not to scale!)

And what do you know - that Easter bonnet kit did come in handy!  The Easter bunny made a wonderful likeness of himself on this cute little bucket for Alex to put his eggs in :)

Look at that cute little bunny bum!  Lol...  I think Alex will love going on his treasure hunt!

The Easter bunny told us he'll be back after Alex goes to sleep on Saturday night to put all his Easter eggs where the crosses are on the map... so we need to remember to leave the map out so he doesn't forget where to put them!  Hahaha...  He tells us he has all sorts of treasures for Alex, not just chocolate (phew!)  There's finger puppets, a book, pjs... and okay, maybe just a little bit of chocolate :)

Happy Easter everyone!

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