Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Holidays... Not!

Sorry guys this is another update post (although there are some pics of our next 'to do' project further down!)  So following on from the last post, our holiday in Noosaville had come to an end and we arrived back home on the Friday.  Mimi then flew home last Saturday, and on Sunday we had Julie and Tony's twins over at our place for the day and that night for a long overdue sleepover so Julie and Tony could have a bit of kid free time.  The kids were very excited and had a wonderful time together...  on Monday morning we gave them all brekky then dropped them all off to Kindy (they all attend the same one).  Tim and I were both still on holidays from work for the week, and with Alex in Kindy all week, we had big plans to get some stuff done around the house, and for me to finally complete some projects and then post them on this blog! 

But Monday morning Boofy still wasn't feeling real well, so we packed him back off to our regular Dr, who ordered tests and chest xrays.... a day later the results were in, it wasn't flu, it was whooping cough!  What the??  We got the results on Tuesday at 9.03 am, at 9.05am I was on the phone to Julie apologising profusely (if I knew it was whooping cough, obviously I would never have had the kids over!) and at 9.15am I was at Kindy collecting Alex and telling them I'd let them know if Alex had it asap.  At 9.35am Alex and I were at the pathologist getting blood tests... I was dreading this, a 3 year old having a blood test?  Oh dear...  I explained to him we were seeing the Dr and there would be a needle, he told me he didn't want the needle it would hurt, we said it would hurt for a minute, but if he was brave he could have a chocolate (I know, my bad!  But I was desperate, people!!  Who wants to see their 3 year old hysterical from pain and terror?  He rarely gets chocolate which makes it a super special treat, and the perfect bribe! Lol)  So he was super brave, I held him on my lap and he whimpered when the needle went in, then Boofy said "look at the colours in the wrapper - is it blue?  Can you see the red?  Do you want to eat it now?" (the wrapper was on the tiny milky way egg we were bribing him with!) and he was sufficiently distracted...  the ladies made such a big deal about how brave he was, gave him balloons, stickers and a bravery certificate (I kid you not!) that he later pronounced to me that he loves blood tests!! lol... at least he will never have my fear of needles (which I only conquered via the IVF clinic), although we're hoping he doesn't have to have too many blood tests in the future, or he may end up a chocoholic like Boofy :)

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were really rainy days, and we were all in lockdown.... let me paint a picture for you - its pouring rain outside (even under our pergola is wet, and the trampoline is soaked, so no outdoor play is possible), the whole family is in quarantine, which means no public outings (for example to an indoor play facility where a 3 year old might burn off the energy they would normally expend) and we are waiting waiting waiting for results.... aarrrgh!!!!  Torture I tell ya!  We ran out of fresh groceries, thank goodness for Julie (who did some shopping and dropped it at the front door for me to get us through - she really is a God-send) and Woolies online, who delivered the big fortnightly shop the next day!  So in the midst of this, and me not being the most patient person, I totally stalked the Dr's surgery for the next 2 days, and finally on Thursday afternoon got the results - Alex and I did not have whooping cough - hooray!!  I called Kindy, called Julie and posted it on Facebook, such was my relief!  I had to take Alex into the Dr so he could look him over and give me a clearance certificate for Kindy the next day, which he did - double hooray!!!!  So Friday Alex went to Kindy and I hit the shops, woohoo!  It was raining again, but I didn't care, so happy was I to be allowed out in public again, lol.  I got some winter clothes for Alex, and some birthday pressies for Boofy - I was only out and about for 3 hours but I felt very free :)

Poor Boofy was still in quarantine, so he spent another day sleeping and watching dvds (he really has been very very sick, so has been resting a lot).  Which brings us to Saturday.  The sun was shining, Boofy is no longer in quarantine (and as such enjoyed some quality time out of the house!) and we've all had a lovely day!

Unfortunately today the sun is no longer shining, which is a bummer as we were planning on heading out into the garden...  The step ladder is currently outside and Alex has this new thing where he likes to climb it and pick imaginary apples... the things that go through your mind when you're 3 years old!  He can probably still pick his imaginary fruit under cover outside, but the subsequent plan to get stuck into the vege garden will have to wait for another day....  You see, our thriving 11 metre long vege patch got totally wiped out in all the rain we had in January....  the only thing that momentarily survived was the cucumber (we thought it was dead, but it resurrected itself, ran rampant, produced about half a dozen mammoth cucumbers, then promptly died again!!) and the chilli plant, which now has a serious lean (must be the weeds pulling it down!)

And the rest of the garden looks like this:

Yes, those are all weeds!  Yikes!  In this photo you can see how the weeds have almost swallowed the gorgeous metal turtle my mother in law Barb bought us as a house warming gift...

It will be nice to give him pride of place again - we love him!  But I think the family day resurrecting the vege garden will have to wait for another day... And secretly I'm not too disappointed... as it will basically be just pulling weeds... not terribly exciting, but necessary if we want to plant some more veges and get this going again in time to harvest some winter veges (which we do!)  Besides, Alex doesn't much care what he does in the garden anyway, pulling weeds is super fun for a 3 year old, even if Mum and Dad are totally dreading it!  I doubt we'll get through them all in one go (I don't even think all of this would fit in the wheelie bin!) but hopefully soon we'll get some fine weather and we can make a start. 

For today though, we might give our pots some love...  you see I was very disheartened with all the rain that demolished our beloved vege patch (I'd put a lot of work into it, and I'm no gardener!) and stupidly lost interest in gardening altogether for a while... so my thriving (most used) herbs now look like this....

Even my beloved Kaffir Lime looks sad (yes those are herb seedlings on the ground in front of it - I bought them to plant in the sad pots above, but never got around to clearing them out... I think the basil might be salvageable, lol):

I'd like to clear the pots and plant whatever seedlings we can...  then we can see what we have and maybe make a trip to Bunnings to get some more herb seedlings to fill them up all lush again (honestly I spend a fortune on fresh herbs, I use them in everything....  I know seedlings is doing it the expensive way, but it will still save money on what I'd spend in the weekly shop on herbs - honest!)  And Bunnings is pretty much Alex's favourite place to go :)

So there you have it - between this post and the last, it's a month in the life of us, albeit an eventful one!  Hope you've enjoyed the epic posts after such a long absence - sorry much of the news was a bit negative, but that's life sometimes isn't it!

And regarding the huge absences between posts... I never intended it to be so long, but life gets busy and I don't have time to complete any projects to post... and bi-monthly posts are never going to sustain a blog!  Lol....  So I've had a good think about it and I will try to complete my own projects, and post about them when I do, as well as details about family life....  but in between I might start posting about other things such as images, projects and spaces that are really motivating and inspiring me.... because there are always lots!  You should see my favourites list - it is positively bursting with inspiration!  I am really excited about this new turn for the blog and can't wait to share this stuff with you - I hope you'll find it as interesting and inspiring as I do!

And just as a last little aside, check out what is passing for fashion in the world of my 3 year old boy these days...  Here he is sitting on the bench, 'helping' Dad cook....  wearing a long sleeve T-Rex PJ top, shorts, gum boots and a spiderman helmet.... and pulling the most ridiculous face I've ever seen!

Bye for now :)

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