Thursday, June 14, 2012

Baby shower gift....

My sister in law is due very soon and her baby shower is this weekend (Annette - if you're reading this, please skip this post until after your baby shower, unless you want to know in advance what your gift is!! :))

I wanted to send something a little hand made, but practical.  I thought about what I found useful when Alex was a baby, and settled on a little 'kit' to keep in her car.  Because you know, sometimes you just need to duck out for a couple of things, and don't want to lug a huge nappy bag.... but sure enough if you don't take it, the little darling (right on cue) will fill the nappy and your minor trip turns into a major ordeal!

So I thought maybe a little Baby Car Kit she could keep in her car boot for emergencies!  I chose a fabric I hoped she might like, and used a little bag I got online from Ecoshopper and just sewed a strip of fabric on.  With the same fabric, I made a little change mat that can just be thrown in the wash.  Then I just added a bunch of stuff that's useful to have close by when you're out : wipes, sunscreen, nappy cream, nappy sacks, a bib, a blanket (so she can wrap bub up, or to put under the change mat when changing for a bit of cushion) and a little baby on board sign.  Here's how it all looked when I was finished:

And all packed up and ready for the car:

I hope she likes it - quite a few people around me are pregnant at the moment, and I think this is really cute, so I might do a few more of these!

Bye for now :)


  1. That came out great! What a brilliant idea.
    I bet she is going to love it!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I hope she will - I just posted it off yesterday, she lives about 2000kms from here in Melbourne, so I hope it will reach her in time! :)

  2. This is a wonderful gift! And a great and thoughtful idea! I KNOW she will LOVE it! You should definitely sell some of these in your shop! = )

    Jen = )

  3. Haha Jen.... one thing at a time for the shop I think! I'll definitely consider it though ;) Thanks!