Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A moment in time : Nanna & Little Poppy

A day without (or with very few) words - just a photo or two to capture a
moment in time I want to remember.

I've been inspired by, and will be linking up to, Felafel and The Bee's Wordless{ish} Wednesday post and Soule Mama's {this moment} Friday ritual post. If you feel motivated to capture your own moment in time, please leave me a link via comments so I can have a look :)

This is a photo I recently acquired of my Dad (Alex's Poppy) and his Mum (my beloved Nanna, who passed away nearly 4 years ago).  It's actually on a plaque which has cracked over all these years, but is nonetheless really lovely.  I can't decide who Dad looks more like in this photo - my brother Mick or my son Alex!  The likeness of both to my Dad (then and now) cannot be denied! :)

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