Thursday, June 21, 2012

Party dress....

Back in March some good friends asked if Mum and I would decorate a work party for them, which I readily agreed to (I love doing this type of stuff)....We had a budget of $300 for all the decorations, and the party was for 32 guests (including 9 kids of differing ages) so Mum and I set about getting everything organised.

For the main table runner, we went to Spotlight and found the silver fabric in the clearance section of the evening wear fabrics!  So we bought what we needed and Mum cut it lengthways, sewed a seam in the middle and overlocked all the edges.  We were both really pleased with how it turned out. 

The white tablecloths and cutlery were hired so we didn't need to worry about those, and most of the glassware I already owned, so we were pretty right with all of that as well.  The placemats were actually scrapbooking papers - I had a moment of genius there, if I do say so myself!  I got those from my friend and local Creative Memories Consultant Julie - its the Reflections Designer Prints Pack (you can find those on her site here).

The green candles in the centre were $1 each from K-mart and the white candles were also from there (the votive holders for the white candles are from Ikea, I already owned those).  The vases are actually canisters from K-mart - I got canisters instead of vases for their heavy bottoms (great stability on those hired tables) and re-usability for the hosts, with just a bit of white ribbon tied around.

I then just bought a selection of different flowers and greenery from Woolworths at Robina (if you're local, the Woolies in the old section of Robina Town Centre is fantastic for cheap greenery to pad out your flowers, and the blooms themselves are really good too.  There is also a florist on site to put the bunch together for you and give it a ribbon if you like as well).  I really like how they turned out - cheerful and simple.

In terms of the kids table, I bought those grey plastic tablecloths at Spotlight - the kids table was off to the side (closer to the hired jumping castle), with a big space left at one end for nibblies when everyone arrived so they weren't on the main table.  The white placemats are actually fabric with interfacing ironed on the back, then the edges just done with pinking shears. 

I put a little cup together for each child with plastic cutlery, napkin, straw, lollipop, pinwheel, party blower and bubbles.  Then I made a little label for each, cut a strip of paper from some old scrapbooking papers I had laying around and stuck it all together.  The cups in the middle of the tables had fabric markers so the kids could draw their own placemats and take them home to keep at the end of the day - the older boys weren't too fussed, but the girls and the younger kids really liked them :)

I also did some Martha Stewart pom-poms out of tissue paper to hang around - these always look great for parties and are so easy to make, although they are time consuming (you can find the instructions here).  So there you have it - the hosts and the guests were happy with how it turned out, and I think we did a pretty good job in the end (although I did wonder at one point if it looked too backyard wedding/ engagement-ish!)  In any case, it all went off well!

Bye for now :)

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