Sunday, June 3, 2012

A long-overdue thank you!

This post is a long overdue thank you to a blogger I recently 'met' - and I'll warn you now, it is very heavy on the photos!   But let me back up....  There is a blog that I love to read called Felafel & The Bee…  This blogger extraordinaire, Michelle, is a Mum of 2 girls (who she calls Felafel and The Bee - not their real names) and posts all sorts of wonderful things about family life, crafts, sewing, cooking and photography.  I love to read it and look at her beautiful photos.

Anyways, I'm not usually a huge commenter on blogs, but I might have mentioned I really like this particular blog?  LOL.  Michelle seemed really down to earth and I like her style of writing, so just felt compelled to comment... so I started commenting on lots of her posts....  and through this commenting Michelle and I started chatting and struck up a long distance friendship - we're like electronic penpals now (remember having penpals as kids?  So fun!)  :)  And somewhere along the line we came up with this great idea that we should do a 'swap' of sorts of some handmade goodies for our kids - awesome!

So Michelle, being the super creative and efficient person she is, got right onto it and put together a box of goodies that made it here all the way from the US of A super fast!  Just before she sent it off, she wrote this post as a sneak peek, featuring her daughter Felafel giving Alex's newest best friend to be (Super Bear) a test run - so gorgeous!

Alex was soooooo excited to receive it all, especially Super Bear (who has slept in his bed every single night since he arrived).  He has a globe in his room, so when I said this package had come from a long way away, we got the globe down so he could see where Michelle and her family live in relation to our family.... a loooong way away!

Alex loves how Super Bear has a reversible cape...  Red for daytime when he needs extra speed, and the blue sparkles on the other side (he tells me) are stars which means that's his night time cape :)  In the box there were also a bunch of other cute things like a slinky, hand made recycled crayons, a bow tie, a lace up game and a book by John Lithgow called Marsupial Sue - wow!!!  Here he is enjoying his goodies...

Some quiet time reading Marsupial Sue - so cute!
Playing with his new lace up game - he loves this!

Having fun with slinky
Crayon drawing
More crayon drawing - and check out my bow tie!
Favourite truck crayon :)

Super Bear in full flight!
Super Bear gets a cape adjustment!
Super Bear cosy and warm in his favourite spot - Alex's bed!
Thank you SO MUCH Michelle! As you can see its all been a big hit!! :)

So where is my exchange package you might ask?  Well, Michelle may have asked that as well, since it was a considerable amount of time between the arrival of Michelle's package and the posting of mine (except she wouldn't ask, because she's way too nice! :))  In any case, I did eventually complete my little projects and send them off, and they were gratefully received at their destination - more to come on that soon!
Its fantastic the people you can meet through this world wide wonderful web isn't it!!  This was such a fun exchange to do - I really enjoyed it.  And I love that I made a new friend in the process as well.

Bye for now :)


  1. You are so welcome. I love love love all the photos of your sweet boy in action! I am so glad he likes everything so much.
    We had a blast doing it.
    I gave you a little shout out on FB too:)

  2. Thanks Michelle :) Alex is still loving it all - that truck crayon is looking significantly smaller now! LOL

  3. Oh WOW! I LOVE your new blog format!
    So beautiful!!