Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Elf... Interrupted!

All the Elfie Escapades so far have brought us up to this day – Wednesday 12 December 2012.  You see, on this day, Alex did the unthinkable….

The day started as usual…. Far too early and with only Elfie’s whereabouts on Alex’s mind.  He burst into my bedroom to tell me we didn’t have to look far today…. And we didn’t…

Elfie was out on the bench!  I was doing a little glitterifying (yes, that is totally a word!) the night before…  but more on that in another post!  The result of my glitter frenzy though was a plastic tablecloth with surplus glitter, apparently awaiting another project, or perhaps some Elfie mischief! 

So what we awoke to was Elfie tractoring around, using my glitter as his cargo!

Alex had a little giggle at Elfie’s too-large frame on his tractor… he touched the tractor a couple of times to move it backwards and forwards… I told him not to…

Then Alex lost himself in the wonder of Elfie for a moment, and this happened….

This is a photo of Elfie falling from the tractor (immediately after Alex touched his leg) and Alex launching into FULL MELTDOWN in the background….  Oh, how my little boy cried :’(

It was absolutely awful.  He realised straight away what he’d done (before we even registered it actually) and for a good 15 minutes he was completely inconsolable – just crying his little heart out.

I gave him big cuddles and said we’d write to Santa and tell him it was an accident, and I felt sure Santa would send through some of his special elf dust to restore Elfie’s magic.  He was so worried Santa would be mad at him…. 

We immediately went and typed up an email to Santa explaining what had happened….   I assured him some more that everything would be okay, as long as he never did it again!  But 10 minutes later he was in tears again….  He said Elfie was looking at him, which he was, because he always does – but Alex couldn’t cope with the guilt and thought he was staring because he was so upset with him.  It just broke my heart.

The whole episode presented one of those parenting moments when you know you should be enforcing the message that actions have consequences (being that Elfie means so much to him)… but he was beating himself up so badly, I really couldn’t bring myself to do it – he just desperately needed Mummy to make it better.

Fortunately, within about 20 minutes I had a reply from Santa and an instruction to check the letterbox (I knew he didn’t want Alex to suffer for too long!)  And so we trudged out to the mail box and lo and behold – an envelope from Santa!

He told us he’d had one of his other elves use his magic to deliver it right away…  He wrote that Alex should be very careful never to touch Elfie again, as he wouldn’t fix him next time, he’d just ask another elf to bring him home to the North Pole for good…  but for now he’d put some magic elf dust in the envelope and Mummy should sprinkle it over Elfie to bring back his magic.  He told Alex that he loves him, and no more tears! 

So the dust was sprinkled on Elfie, tear stained cheeks were cleaned and peace was restored – thank goodness!!  And tonight Elfie rides again!

That was a big meltdown to have to cope with before 6am and a cup of tea!  I need a good lie down….. 

Bye for now :)

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  1. You are a good Mama! That can be so upsetting {when they do something they know they shouldn't}.
    I am so glad he is OK now!