Monday, December 24, 2012

Elfie Farewell...

Today is the final elfcapade for 2012 in our home...  We were all wondering what Elfie would have in store!  As it turns out, we found Elfie under the Christmas tree where he'd tied himself to a present.

When Alex opened it, we found a letter that read as follows:

Dear Alex,

Thank you so much for having me in your home this month!  I've had the best time :)

As you know, Santa comes tonight to deliver presents, and so I must go back to the North Pole.  Elves have a very busy time making toys for all the children, and so we need to get started right away on toys for next year!

I've left a little present for you - this is for you to enjoy with your family this afternoon.  This movie is one of my favourites - I hope you enjoy it too!

Please remember all year long that Santa is watching, and you need to be a good boy all the time, nopt just when Christmas is near.  If you're good next year, Santa will let me come back next Christmas - so please be super good because I really want to come back!

Goodbye Alex, I will miss you a lot.  Don't be upset that I had to go, just be good so I can see you next Christmas!  Have fun at big School next year!

Lots of love, Elfie xxx

Also in the box was the movie 'Shrek the Halls', some microwave popcorn and some popcorn containers - so we can all sit and watch a nice Christmas movie with popcorn this afternoon...  What a lovely Elfie!

He also snuck in a pair of shark PJs for Alex to wear tonight (he loves sharks!)

So there you go, Elfie sits on our shelf today for the last time in 2012.... I'm a little sad (but elated at the prospect of finally sleeping in, after Christmas of course!)  Alex took it quite well this morning but I'm expecting tears later in the day when departure is more imminent and he's getting tired....  Hopefully I'm wrong!

Well I must away and get my last minute Christmas preparations sorted....  There are reindeer carrots and Santa treats to get ready, some last minute wrapping and cooking (Mim is cooking lemon garlic prawns for dinner - yummo... Might post a recipe later in the week!)

Enjoy your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day friends!  Hope its a magical time for you and your family, with lots of love and laughs!

Bye for now :)


  1. Ooooh I haven't seen that Shrek, yet. How was it?

    1. It was great Michelle - very short at only 27 mins, but cute :)