Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Elfie Escapades - Part 4...

I’m just going to preface this post with an acknowledgement of the terrible tragedy that unfolded in recent days in the US…. Whatever I say will be grossly inadequate, and so I will say only that all the families, teachers and children affected by this horrible event are in my thoughts and prayers constantly….

And with all this going on, I am so gratefully celebrating my own little boy – his joy and innocence, and wild wonder of all things Christmas and Elfie. So for those whose heart need a little lift, and whose mind needs a little distraction, I hope you’ll enjoy this post about our Elfie’s latest escapades.

After Alex’s unfortunate touching incident, he has been very careful not to get too close to Elfie again. True to Santa’s word, his magic elf dust did the trick and Elfie did indeed ride again!

On Thursday 13 December, it seems that Elfie was missing the snow just a little…. And so he found himself a nice ramp and some snow like objects (aka make up remover pads), plonked himself in one of my shoes and held on to the laces sled-style for a little ride… wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!

On Friday, Alex had so much trouble finding him! We all looked everywhere, and he was just nowhere to be seen. I decided to give up and make a cup of tea, and when I opened the fridge, who did I find?

Yes, that would be Elfie….. who had turned our milk pink (as you do!) Alex thought this one was a pretty funny stunt (and I think he was secretly relieved that we finally found him!)

On Saturday 15 December, Alex came in to wake me up and get me out of bed for what has become the traditional hunt for Elfie…. I was just opening my eyes when Alex spotted Elfie – in my room! How he snuck in without me hearing, I will never know…

He was sitting in front of what looked like a pot with dirt in it, but he had a note on his lap to Alex, and told him he’d planted magic seeds that Alex needed to water once… and very soon something would grow….

We were out for a while on Saturday, but when we got back, we brought the pot out of the bedroom and Alex diligently watered as Elfie had instructed. He was a bit disappointed when nothing sprouted immediately, but Elfie assured us it wouldn’t be long, and so he knew he’d just have to be patient.

As it turns out, it wasn’t too long for us to wait – on Sunday 16 December we discovered Elfie again sitting next to the pot, this time in the lounge room…. But something looked a bit different today!

Elfie’s magic seeds had sprouted…. Candy canes!!! How cool is that?! Alex thought they were awesome – he was allowed to have one later in the day, and we have left the others planted to see if they will grow any bigger!

Monday morning again saw Elfie roping in some partners in crime… Alex again came to wake me up and told me we didn’t need to look far – back to the lounge room and this is what we found…

Elfie having a jam session with his buddies! We’ve got bear on the guitar…

Yakkity yak and giraffe on vocals…

Hawthorne bear on electronic drums…

And Elfie playing the didgeridoo that Alex made!

What a clever little lot they are! Alex said they must have been playing very quietly – he decided they were probably playing Christmas carols that Elfie had taught them to play. Cute :)

On Tuesday 18 December we found Elfie pretty quickly…. Being a cheeky monkey again and swinging from the feather Christmas tree on the dining table

And we quickly realised he hadn’t stopped there – he’d also turned all the dining chairs backwards!!

This morning Elfie was back at the dining table – only today was a little messier! As time goes by I guess Elfie is really missing playing in the snow with his buddies… and so he’s finding creative ways to ‘pretend’… I can only assume this was what led Elfie to tip rice all over the dining room table and make ‘rice angels’!! Oh that Elfie….

So that brings us up to date with Elfie’s exploits…. We have only 5 more mornings of waking up with Elfie now before he flies home to Santa until next year - I’m sure Alex will be excited and sad at the same time… Excited because it means Santa is coming, and sad because its another year before he gets to see Elfie again. I’m sure we’ll all miss him (but just quietly, as I mentioned in my last post, I am counting down the days to a sleep in!! LOL)

Bye for now ;)

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  1. Oh my goodness, you are so creative *ahem* I mean that elf is quite the creative guy!
    Happy Birthday to your boy, too. I am just catching up with all of your posts.
    5 is good.
    I hope Santa is good to you all:)