Thursday, December 6, 2012

More Christmas Traditions...

I mentioned in my previous Christmas Traditions post that we had some other ones we always do…  Besides the tree and the decorations around the house that is!

The other two traditions we always do especially for Alex are to put on his Christmas countdown quilt cover, and our own version of an advent calendar.

The quilt cover is a lovely colourful one I picked up when Alex was just a baby (before he was even in a bed!)  I just couldn’t go past it – you can see why, its very cute isn’t it?


And of course Alex loves it too – so much so that he insisted on ‘modelling’ it for you here!

Our version of an advent calendar doesn’t involve chocolate, but books!  I’m not sure where I got this idea from (probably Pinterest!) but this is the third year we’ve done this now, and its something that Alex really looks forward to. 

This year I put the little Christmas tree on top of his drawers in his wardrobe.  I bought a bulk lot of books from a lovely lady at work whose kids had outgrown them, and I then wrapped up 24 books, numbered them and put them under the tree.

Every evening Alex climbs up here and chooses the book with the corresponding number, then we sit and read it together.  Sometimes towards the end of the year we get busy and fall out of the habit of reading every night, so I love that this gets us back in the habit.  (Of course one book often turns into two – if the book is a small one, we might follow on with a quick read through of one of his favourites, like How the Grinch Stole Christmas, or Green Eggs and Ham – no complaints here!)

I love that there are these things we do every year that Alex can look forward to.  I’m a bit of a Christmas nut, I can never wait until December to start the celebrations (our tree went up early November this year!)  So doing these traditions from 1st December tells Alex that Christmas really is getting close (because it must be confusing when your Mum puts up the tree months before!) and he can start to get really excited.  We count down with his quilt, and his dwindling pile of books tells him when Christmas is almost here!

What are your Christmas traditions?

Bye for now :)

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