Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Elfie Escapades - Part 2...

Things have settle down with Elfie quite nicely these last few days…. After his big start with making lots of mess, Elfie backed it off a bit. He’s a very considerate elf really, not making too big a mess during the week for me to clean up (when he knows I need to go to work the next day!) Thank you Elfie :)

So on 3rd December, it seems Elfie got a bit messy on his way back and needed a shower!

Isn't Elfie cute in his little towel?

I suggested to Alex that maybe he came home from the North Pole a different way and got covered in dirt…. Alex looked at me like I was nuts and said “noooooo… I think he had too much fun eating chocolates with the other elves and had to wash it all off his face!!” LOL…. It took Alex ages to find him here – he told me he went in the bathroom but he only looked down, not up, so he missed him the first time! :)

On 4th December Elfie was feeling a little more relaxed and sedate (perhaps a sugar hangover from his chocolate binge the night before?) So he just found a nice book about a snowman and curled up on a chair to read until Alex got up:

This morning, 5th December, saw Elfie getting a bit creative! Here he is sitting at Alex’s little table with his textas and pencils…

He drew lots of Christmas trees, a picture of santa, and even a snowman standing on his head (which Alex thought was hilarious!) Again, there was much more excitement on Alex’s part than this picture conveys:

Alex particularly liked that Elfie used the stamps and stamped a monkey face in Santa’s beard!!

It has been so much fun having Elfie in our house so far – Alex is just loving flying out of bed and running all over the house to see where he is! As I mentioned, Elfie’s had a quiet couple of days – I can’t help but think it’s the calm before the storm…. Kind of like that mischief must be building up in him…. Hmmmmm… I wonder what the next few days will hold!!

Bye for now ;)

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