Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Elfie Escapades - Part 3...

It seems I was right that the sedate Elfie of last week might ramp things up a bit again….. We’ve seen all sorts of shenanigans since the last time I gave you an update!!!!  And right up front, I have to apologise for the blurry pics.... they were all taken on my iPhone so they're not the greatest, are all over the place in picture and quality, and many seem to have a green tinge for some reason..?  Anyway, back to business....

On 6th December, Elfie decided he’d been quiet and well behaved long enough – and he rediscovered his cheeky self BIG TIME!!

Yes, that is our TV. Covered in toilet paper. You read that right, Elfie toilet papered our TV!! He could be found rolling across the floor inside the toilet roll…. Wheeeeee!!!

And I couldn’t help but share with you Alex’s reaction to this one – even if it is hard to see!  He was loving it!
It seems in all that toilet papering, he worked up an appetite because on 7th December Elfie could be found on top of the cookie container… He helped himself to some cookies and milk (it must be very difficult for a tiny elf to hold the big milk container, because there was a small amount of spillage!)

And look at Elfie’s cheeky little face covered in chocolate….. Alex just couldn’t believe how naughty he was!

But little did Alex know, Elfie was working himself up to something big…. Because on 8th December we woke to find Elfie swinging from the Christmas tree star…

And it seems he’d done a bit of tree redecorating – with Alex’s undies!!

Alex thought this was most hilarious, as did his buddies who come to our place every Saturday morning for swimming lessons – so much laughter and pondering how he would have taken the undies from Alex’s drawer without waking him…. Elfie’s decorating was a big hit!

On 9th December he roped in a buddy, and we awoke to discover that Elfie and Bumblebee had been having quite the high time with Alex’s Nerf guns overnight!!

Alex has a really strong sense of justice and he was MOST upset with Elfie about this one – as Elfie should know that we do NOT fire Nerf guns inside… and we certainly don’t rope in Bumblebee so he gets in trouble too!! LOL… It took me a while to talk him around, but he did eventually forgive him ;)

The 10th December saw a very adventurous Elfie... riding on a dinosaur!!

This one is a particularly noisy and scary T-Rex – look out Elfie!!!

And after all that excitement,  on the 11th Elfie was not feeling so daredevil and just decided to have a little fun. He was actually on his shelf, just a little further along….

And there was something just a bit different about him (and my owl!) today…..

Apparently Elfie didn’t get the memo that ‘Movember’ is finished!! LOL… Alex thought this one was really cute – it took him ages to find Elfie though, he certainly didn’t expect him to be on his shelf!!

We are still having a blast with our Elfie – Alex continues to wake and ridiculously early hours of the morning so he can search for him…. As much as I’m enjoying Elfie, I’ll definitely be glad when Christmas is here and the urge to wake at 5am or earlier in order to find him has passed so I can finally get some sleep!

Bye for now :)

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