Sunday, December 23, 2012

Elfie Escapades - Part 5...

As Christmas draws closer, Alex is acutely aware that Elfie's time with us is limited...  There have been a few tears already, and I'm hoping Elfie will do something to explain his departure (when the time comes) so Alex feels a bit happier about it.

But without further ado... what has Elfie been up to these last few days?  Well the morning of Thursday 20th saw Elfie hankering for the great outdoors I think...  but it was raining so what's an elf to do?  Go fishing in the bathroom sink of course!!

Alex thought this was really cute!

The next night, it seems Eflie got himself in a spot of bother with some toy soldiers playing war games!!  Looks like Alex woke up Friday morning just in the nick of time to save him!!!

On Saturday 22nd December, my darling baby boy turned 5...  Where did those years go?  Its a bittersweet milestone - awesome because he is delightful at this age, but not so because I just wish sometimes that time could stand still...  Oh well, enough of my ramblings... Elfie had the honour of giving Alex his first present of the day - we found him on the bench laying on top of a wrapped gift.

It was a new bike helmet!  His old one doesn't fit anymore, so this was very well received :)

On Sunday he went all Super Elf on us!!  Mim has her TV wall mounted up high in her bedroom - in the morning when Alex went into her room, who should be sitting on top wearing a little cape he'd made but Elfie!!

And so the next visit from Elfie will be his last....  like I said, Alex is a little upset about this, he will miss Elfie a lot.  Can't wait to see what he does for his last visit!

Bye for now :)

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