Sunday, December 2, 2012

Elfie Escapades - Part 1...

Well since my last post, Elfie's been creating all sorts of havoc!  Seems Santa was right when he warned us that Elfie was a very cheeky elf - he is indeed!

Alex is having all sorts of fun too - the squeals and giggling the last two mornings, as well as the action replays of how Elfie might have executed is mischievousness, have been nothing short of awesome!

On Elfie's first morning, it seems he got quite bored waiting for Alex to get up, and so he decided to pull out some of Alex's cars and have a little play while he waited.....

Alex was so surprised and immediately said "well that's what all that racket was!!"  LOL.... Okay!  Here's a couple of photos of him surveying Elfie's work (I promise he was a lot more hysterical than he looks in these photos!!)....

On 2nd December, Elfie decided to help Alex with his breakfast... by spelling his name out in Weetbix!!

You know that uncontrollable giggle that kids get that just makes your heart swell?  That was Alex this morning, he thought this was the best!  It will be hard for Elfie to top ;)

I can't wait to see what Elfie's going to do next - its going to be a very fun December!

Bye for now :)

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